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Hello Everyone! Much love for visiting ourweb portal ‘NEWS OFFBEAT- Bangla’.  Myself Tanmay Samanta,  a mentor, Journalist and Graphic designer.  With the help of some friends, Students I have started this news portal from 1st March 2019.    

This Portal is all about passion, the inspiration of daily life from our experiences and work. We love to connect with this beautiful world and sharing our glorious journey along the way. We are going to share offbeat News, food habit, recipes, fashion trends, makeup tips,  beauty & health care routine, skin care tips, yoga benefits, healthy diet, modern trends of Technology, astrology, stunning photographs, jaw-dropping videos and many more in our news Portal. Thanks to all for reading our articles and following along. Stay connected with us for daily updates. We are going to give our best for our portal.  

In this portal, we have created a section which is ‘TRAVE-LOVE’.  Actually, I love to visit the interesting, offbeat and bewitching places of India and want to explore the various Culture, Ritual, Festivals, Celebrations, landscape life of people and Regional Food Habits. As a travel blogger, I make Travelogues of my journeys by immersing ourselves in the local Tradition, visiting off-the-beaten-path attractions and doing food taste whenever possible. I upload all of my  Travel Videos on my Youtube Channel ‘INDIA OFFBEAT’. I create travel guides highlighting the offbeat and bewitching places to visit, local foods worth eating and travel tips. My goal is to inspire you to travel offbeat places of India and eat delicious local cuisine wherever you're visiting. Follow your dreams and never stop exploring! 

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